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Welcome to the Stattgarten Wiki

Here you can follow the ongoing work and planning of the Stattgarten Project.

The garden itself is the most probable and inspiring point of meeting and discussing about this project. If you pass through the Gerichtstrasse ring the bell (a cordless on the left side) at the big gate on the right side of the Stattbad Wedding. If somebody is in the garden he is likely to open.
In order to not leave your visit in the garden to chance, we have opening hours every week and organisation meetings if it's necessary.

Mailing List

News updates and working hours are announced via our mailing list.

Mitglied werden

Details zur Mitgliedschaft im Stattgarten findet ihr ihr hier:

Orga Meetings

We try to meet regulary for the organisation things of the garden. Normally these meetings take place in the Raumfahrtagentur at Stattbad and are pronounced over the Blog. The meetings are open for everybody interested in participating in the Stattgarten's planning and organisation.

Visiting Hours

We try to ensure the presence of core gardeners in the Stattgarten during the visiting hours.
These are, from april to september:

  • Wednesday and Friday: from 17h till 18h
  • Saturday: from 14h to 15h

Just come and have a look, relax in this oasis of calm among the restless city or help us caring for the garden.


Upcoming Events



Gardening and Maintainance







Spenden / Donation

We are happy about any financial and commodity contributions for the Stattgarten project. Contact us via e-mail: Organisation.


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